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PORSE In-Home Childcare Network 2011-03-02 06:09:59 SRayner
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SRayner Reviewed by SRayner    March 02, 2011
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I never recommend Porse

I hired a Porse nanny because I was going in hospital for back surgery and unable to care for my own 2 & 3 1/2 year old. What a nightmare. I will never ever recommend Porse. The 1st nanny I had to fire because she showed for 2 out of 7 days work. The 2nd was brilliant, the 3rd so poor I had to ask her to leave her mobile phone in her bag in the end as all day she just sat & text, that was just 1 example of what she was like. (2nd & 3rd nanny's job shared).
It is the admin side that also lets Porse down. Being a ACC client I am a little tricky (there where a few teething problem initially) and needed so much help, to keep it short Porse asked me to pay the nanny's wages of over $2000 back in September 2010. Which I paid. It was mid Feb 2011 before they sorted out ACC invoices etc to work out why there was such a shortfall with the ACC payments. Now we are a single income family where the main carer for the children cannot hardly walk, let alone sit and was on something like 24 pain relief pills a day just to have a little bit of movement. They left us with a $2000 shortfall in our cash flow over the Christmas break and caused me so much stress my husband had to ban them being discussed at home. I spent months asking them to sort it out to prevent it becoming a lot of work. Porse knew I was very sick, the length of time I required a nanny for kept extending and their response when it was finally sorted was " you are lucky that we decided not to invoice you for the length of time it took us to sort it out". I cannot stress to you enough what a nightmare they have been. They asked me to pay the money when they should of just contacted ACC (i did not know that at the time) then did not 1 thing to get me the payment refunded until I sent them a letter from my solicitor threatening court action.
I am pleased that this website has been created and I wish you every success.


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I got 1 great nanny
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A complete nightmare to deal with, 2 terrible nanny's, appalling customer service.
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