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Westport Early Learning Centre
Westport Early Learning Centre 2011-06-24 21:35:04 finnula73
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finnula73 Reviewed by finnula73    June 25, 2011
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New Day Care

I would not reccommend this day care and had tried to make a complaint previously but was not directed to the right person.

Its a lovely new building in a convinient location outside the Solid Energy Centre.

I treid it with both my children but hated leaving them there.

There is very litttle stimulation of the children. There are rough children whos behaviour is tolerated.

often I would pick my child up and she wouldn't have had a nappy change or didn't have a coat on for playing outside while the teachers are huddled up in jackets under the verrandah.

Once my daughter was sat thre with no lunch because I had forgotten to put it in the cupboard...but no one had thought to look in her bag!

Once I went to pick her up and no one knew where she was...she was outside alone, no coat on ( again) playing under a box!

kids are dropped off filthy, hair unbrushed, snotty noses etch

the place had crumbs on the mat on Friday and they were still there on Monday.

The "educators" don't seem to like their jobs or the kids very much.

Very sad.


Positive Points
lots of toys and in a great location
Negative Points
Its a zoo
needs cleaning more regularly
little stimulation and individual attention
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